Hospitality and Tourism: Education, Training, Certification

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After coming from University I was quickly immersed into teaching, taking this course was a pleasure because it allowed me to develop my teaching skills and allows me to be more comfortable with public speaking and dealing with the learner. Teaching is a great passion and being able to properly deliver to learners will be a great pleasure. All of the concepts discussed will be very beneficial in dealing with my students and for career advancement. Thanks for a great session.
Karimah C.

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Internationally Certified Hospitality Trainer & Educator - a Professional Certification in St. Maarten, Caribbean

iCHTE Bronze: Internationally Certified Hospitality Trainer & Educator - IHTI Assistant Professor

iCHTE Bronze is the entry level International Standards Compliant® UK & EU accredited professor certification in hospitality training and educating that IHTI requires in order to become an IHTI Assistant Professor and be eligible to deliver IHTI training, earn consulting income, and market yourself as an IHTI Certified Independent Educator.

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International Standards Compliant® and Accredited

International Hospitality and Tourism Institute provides world-class hospitality and tourism education, training, and certification programmes that are recognized worldwide.

Hotel Management International Qualifications

Our approach is to develop and deliver academic qualifications and professional certifications that enhance your global career prospects. We do this by ensuring our programmes are accredited in the United Kindom and European Union thereby providing global recognition on qualification frameworks worldwide.

Learning Outcomes: What is Outcome-Based Learning?

Hotel Management, Hospitality, and Tourism Industries

Assessment against learning outcomes derived from a recognized national Qualification Certification Framework forms the basis of our International Standards Compliant® approach. These independently derived standards of knowledge determine what a professional learner is required to know, be able to do, have the skills to undertake, and, and habits and tendencies to successfully perform and achieve consistently improving results over time.